Always fascinated with architecture, industry, and urban development, Rith Banney brings us “Somewhere”, which tells the story of these forgotten, neglected, and disembodied places. These old places, which were once full of life and activity, have left behind nothing more but a feeling of abandonment, emptiness, and solitude. These places which will end up losing their Memory.

Playing on the blurry and the fixed, the spontaneous shots, which make up “Somewhere”, give life back to these antiquated relics - these ruins that constantly remind us of our own end. “Somewhere” repopulates these places. In its pages, we find a rebirth of soul’s new beginning - a spark of life. “Somewhere” tugs on the fine thread of the past and drags out its ghosts.

Finally, “Somewhere” raises the question : What will be left tomorrow if everything today seems acquired, eternal, and inalienable ?

Each photograph is accompanied by a text written by a contemporary author among which :

Guillaume Siaudeau, Mehdi Berger, Marie-Josée Desvignes, Pierre Henry, Ariane Monod, Sonia Ligorred, Veronique Belenger, Caroline Duris, Julien Martins, Gilles Piazo, Marie-Josée Christien, Olivier Noël, Clara Regy, Leonel Houssam, Julien Chabbert , Richard Mesplède, Eve Zibelyne, Barbara Albeck, Guénolé Boillot, Mike Kasprzak, Lubna Bangs, Irène Figuerola, Al Denton, Juliette Bouchot, Bénédicte Coudière, Sylvain-René de la Verdière & Noé Gaud.