Multiplying the arts to make the work immersive

"To best imagine a universe, we need to use the most of our senses. It seemed therefore vital to use several forms of media to make my universe comprehensible, appropriable, imaginable and immersive."
Aritistic Direction

Artistic Director since 2002 (Festival des Giboulées, Batofar, Glaz’Art, L’Entrepôt, Grand Bain Prod, Polybrid, Aerosol), Yann Berthin creates the “Rith Banney” anagram in 2010, and starts to develop his graphic inspiration.

At first in Photography where he sets up several series, which would emerge through multiple exhibitions (Gartenstudio Gallery – Berlin, Center’s Art – Boston, Yes Club – Prague,…) and several book releases (Trilogie « La Disparition », « Somewhere »,…).

Then in Video where he easily switches between music supervisor (Antony Salvi) and film direction (Matterflow).

These experiences strengthened his idea of merging “Arts and Senses” in order to make his artistic proposals complete, intelligible and therefore immersive.

Since then he is starting to work around the production of a series of video clips for which he’s also composing the music of. This project, “Nightlife”, will be released in March 2018.